Nakamura Exhibition - Visitors Aplenty


If you haven't yet seen the Nakamura Takuo exhibition in all its glory, please check www.yufuku.net/e.. It may blow your mind.

Every day we've seen a swarm of people go in and out through Yufuku's doors - I think it could be our busiest domestic show of the year, bar Mihara Ken's show last April.

More so than just the number of people, what strikes me about this current show is the sheer quality of works. Takuo-san believes it may be his best group of works ever, and many seem to concur, in particular Joan Mirviss of NYC, respected curator Moroyama Masanori of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, and, most telling of all, Nakamura Kinpei, the elderly stateman of avant-garde ceramics in Japan, and the elder brother of Takuo (10 years his elder, in fact).

One may think that a sibling would automatically give a thumb's up to anything a younger brother might produce, but this is far from a given in the case of the Nakamura family. In fact, Takuo feared his brother far more than his father Baizan II during his youth and for the great part of his life, as his brother was far more critical of the art of his brother - so critical, in fact, that Kinpei had never praised Takuo's works in his 30 years of creating ceramics. Except, that is, until Takuo's Yufuku show.

Kinpei-san walked through the door, sat down immediately with a grunt, and then just sat there, staring at the works, for about 20 minutes, without saying a word. He would put his hand on his chin, nod, and then gaze at another piece without even saying hello to Takuo-san or myself.

After a while, Kinpei stood up and asked Takuo a simple technical question - just how did he pull off such beautifully layered glazing - it was better than he had ever seen before. And upon departing, he told his younger brother, "This is your best work yet. You may now be the best enamellist in all of Kanazawa, let alone Japan."

I agree. And I believe his brother's words were enough to melt Takuo's heart. In fact, the artist was beaming throughout our evening dinner with the Yufuku team.

One work (or style) in particular, other than the tall Kuritsu (Capturing Space), which struck Kinpei was Takuo's new invention, which is a 3rd bar-like ceramic piece that sits atop his ceramic duet "Vessel not a Vessel". Entitled "Vessel not a Vessel Plus," (see image above), it features an enamelled ceramic bar called an osoigi (frame), which is the term used for the outer rim of a traditional byobu (folding screen). This bar is removable and interchangeable, and adds a new dimension to Takuo-san's abstract stoneware. Now a trio, his works brim with a new-found confidence and majestic grandeur that is far more symphonic than ever before.

We hope you enjoy the works, on display until the 5th (sat) of November.

From eastern skies,

Wahei Aoyama 青山和平
Yufuku Gallery
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Upcoming Nakamura Exhibition, etc.


Busy busy busy. When I wake up in the morning, I sometimes lose track of where I am - Kawanishi (where my wife and daughter are living at the moment with my wife's family), Kyoto, Tokyo, or somewhere outside of Japan, in some foreign country's staid hotel room. I scratch my eyes, and then think, "my god, I have deadlines to meet," and then I'm writing articles for magazines in English, and then exhibition commentaries in Japanese. Nowadays, I'm beginning to lose track of just what language I'm writing in!

In any case, today I find myself writing my next article for Craft Arts International - I've already published two articles om Takeyama-san and Nagae-san (the upcoming issue), and the next feature will be Yede-san. Please stay tuned.


At the same time, we're busy preparing for the upcoming show of Kanazawa's Nakamura Takuo (中村卓夫 1945- ), who will be having his first solo show in Tokyo in 3 years.

He's such an amazing person, and I always find myself inspired by not only his passion for his art, but for his genuine honesty, humility, and his ability to remain so damn young! He's 66, but can definitely pass for early 50's - easy. ]

And it's not only his appearance, but the way he carries himself which gives off an impression of youth and vitality. I only wish I could be the same when I reach 66. At the same time, I'm also inspired by the way he continues to try and learn and better his art - it is this inability to be satisfied which continues to push his talents further. Old age can be a fetter in that sense, but not with Takuo-san. And his works have exponentially increased in beauty over the past three years alone. He has finally hit the creative stride that he himself had hungered for for so long, and his works fully evidence this new peak in his aesthetics.


We hope you enjoy the Yufuku exhibition works by Nakamura Takuo, viewable in full next Thursday from our website www.yufuku.net. Or you can also view inside information from our facebook page, found here.

From eastern skies,

Wahei Aoyama 青山和平
Yufuku Gallery

Takuo Nakamura Vessel not a Vessel Plus.jpg

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